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Di Studio Job Won't Open

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Di Studio Job Won't Open

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SAS 9.4

DI Studio 4.9

64-bit OS


Good Morning All,


I've got a job that was last run maybe a year ago. When I attempt to open it, DI Studio spins for a second, opens a blank window/pane, then that window/pane closes.


When I run an analysis/reverse analysis on tables that should be in this job, this job is indeed listed in the analysis lists. Even an attempt to then open the job from the analysis list fails to open anything.


So, it seems metadata recognizes the content of the job, but DI Studio won't allow me to open it.


I don't have this problem with any other job.


Any ideas as to what is going on?



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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open

Start to check the logs in the DI Studio client and in the Metadata server as well.
Check if any of the objects involved have been updated the last year.
Backtrack from the code (or the same job in another environment ) if there are any objects that might have been deleted or renamed.
Try to import the job from another environment (dev/test/prod....)
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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open

Local DI Studio logs can be found here on windows:%APPDATA%\SAS\SASDataIntegrationStudio\4.901\

To get here press WIN+R then paste the above into the open: box and press enter.


Good luck!

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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open

One of my users is experiencing the same. SAS 9.4M4, DI Studio 4.902, 64-bit OS (Win 10 client, Win Server 2012 R2 server). I have a case opened and will respond with my findings, but if you resolved the issue you had, please let me know what your resolution was.
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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open

Exporting as a package and re-importing worked for me: (1) right-click the job and select Export > SAS Package... (2) make sure to check "Include dependent objects when retrieving initial collection of objects, then click Next until finished. (3) then re-import the same package, and it may or may not find all dependencies, but will walk you through adding anythat are missed (and verifying any that are found). Once I did that, I was abel to open the re-imported job.
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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open



Sounds like something in SAS Metadata is corrupted.


My preferred way for fixing corrupted DI job metadata is to re-import the job.


Should that not be possible then additionally to what @LinusH wrote have you already analyzed SAS Metadata? The repair statement there helps sometimes (take a metadata backup first!).





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Re: Di Studio Job Won't Open

Do you get any solution to the problem. I am facing the same issue. And dont know how to debug it
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