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Dataflux error

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Dataflux error



I have an issue. I have a connection from dev to acc to orbit via ODBC. If I test the connection in ODBC it works. I can connect and see the data under the conection in DM. When I want to run a job it fails and I get the error

: [DataFlux][ODBC Salesforce driver][Salesforce]java.lang.NullPointerException (10023). 


Can you help me with this ?

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Re: Dataflux error



Not a lot of info to go on .. you may find more info in the log.  But first, when I can see the data in DM, but it fails in a job, that's usually an issue with not having saved your credentials.  


Next, I would turn on additional logging per the documentation to get more information.  I believe salesforce requires credentials and a token to connect.



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