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Dataflux DMStudio 2.6 - Connection DEAD

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Dataflux DMStudio 2.6 - Connection DEAD

Hi everybody!

I´m using Dataflux Data Management Studio 2.6 to connect and join 6 tables (same database) that came from an Oracle Server.
- ODBC connection using Dataflux 32 bit Oracle Wire Protocol

The job is totally functional when we limit the number of registries (about 1000) and the result is OK.

However, when we use the entire load, we´re usually receiving an Connection Dead Error like this below:

"[24Smiley FrustratedOURCE_ODBCSQL:Lê ARQUIVO_RAIS] [08S01] [DataFlux][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Connection Dead. (-4)"

I would appreciate any information or guidance in resolving this situation.

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Re: Dataflux DMStudio 2.6 - Connection DEAD

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Hi - it's hard to tell what's going on without additional information but here are some thoughts:


  • Have you monitored the database activity on the Oracle side when you run the job with a larger number of records? It may give you some clues about long-running queries.
  • You can potentially use a SQL node in DM Studio to execute join logic in the Oracle database rather than joining tables in DM Studio.
  • There are some options in DM Studio join nodes to load tables into memory to improve join performance. This works best when one of the tables in the join is relatively small - that one should be loaded into memory.
  • You can turn on advanced "DAC" logging that will give you detailed information about what's going on in the data access layer of DM Studio. The documentation describes how to do this.


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Re: Dataflux DMStudio 2.6 - Connection DEAD

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Thank´s Ron,


I´ve turned on advanced "DAC" logging (TRACE) and can´t find any explicit reason for the problem.

So, now we are mantaining contacts with our DBA for monitoring that long-running queries. 

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