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DataFlux - Task properties, Rule details

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DataFlux - Task properties, Rule details


in the "Rule details" panel I can select "Log to text file".
I have two questions to ask:

1- I can specify the location and I can add "Ensure file name is unique", but it add a suffix after the .txt and I cannot open the files (just after renaming the file). How can I use it?
2- in the header, is it possible to put a macro field? I mean, if my task is to check if a field is null and the field could be "city", "number", "zip code",... is it possible to put in the header sometingh like "address with missing values in %%xxx%%" and automaticallz substitute %%xxx%% with "city", "number" or "zip code"?

My idea is to monitor two fields applying the same rule/task. Maybe the workaround is to create a Data Validation step + a text output step, but can I monitor it?


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Re: DataFlux - Task properties, Rule details

The best way to do what you want is to use a macro variable for the Monitoring Filename.  You can set the filename macro using the setvar() function in an Expression node prior to calling the Data Monitoring node in your Data Job.  You will need to pass in the macro varible using the KEY_VALUES Advanced Property in the node as shown in the screenshot.  Also, note as shown in this example I'm using macro variables in other places such as the Field names being passed in and the Description.




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