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DataFlux Forums 2.5



i have import many data jobs from dataflux 2.6 to dataflux 2.5.

import ok.

the execution  of the jobs is ok .

only one job does an error

DATAFLOW_19 error: 10: Temporary File Library - Write failed, rc = 28


i verifiy disk space and permission of the work area .. that's ok.


the job is similar at the others... 

two tables goes in join .

the error on data join stage.


i also rewrite the job in DF 2.5 .. but i have always the same error


something ideas?





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Re: DataFlux Forums 2.5

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Two things come to mind:


  1. Double-check to make sure the DataFlux process has permission to access the location set for temporary file I/O operations. You may also need to clean up this location. Processes that terminate unexepectedly may leave temporary files hanging around.
  2. We sometimes see errors of this kind if your system is running out of memory. Have you tried running the process on a small subset of input records? It it succeeds it may point to a memory limitation. The Join node has specifc settings for memory usage that can be adjusted (through the advanced properties screen of the node).


From the documentation:


Any temporary files that are generated by the job, such a sort files, are saved to the location that is specified in the BASE/TEMP option in a DataFlux configuration file, if this option has been set. If the BASE/TEMP option has not been set, temporary files will be written to the temporary file location that is specified for the operating system. To see if the BASE/TEMP option has been set, select Tools > Data Management Studio Options > Job > Advanced.



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