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DataFlux Expression Challenge

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DataFlux Expression Challenge

As part of a Data Job, we are including an expression node, trying to achieve a simple scoring output, the code we are using is as follows

Real Score

Score = `Triggers` *100  / `Rows_Process`

We were expecting an .decimal as part of the output, however we are getting the output as 1 or 0,  Trying to understand if we are doing anything wrong with our formulation.

appreciate any help


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Re: DataFlux Expression Challenge

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Do you need parenthesis in your calculation?

Try this:

Score = (`Triggers` * 100)  / `Rows_Process`

What are the variable types for Triggers and Rows_Process?

Coercion may be causing this.

If a part of an expression is not the type expected in that context, it is converted into the correct type. A type can be coerced into some other types.


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