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Data integration local connection

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Data integration local connection


I'd like to create a new data integration profile connecting to my own pc (from my own pc).

Can somebody give me the parameters to use?


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Re: Data integration local connection

Doesn't this imply you have a metadata server on your pc?  If you don't, not sure that this is possible, unless your PC has a registered workspace server on it

The parameters would depend on your installation.... But thought the profile setup wizard was pretty self explanatory.


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Data integration local connection

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Typically when everything is on the same machine these are the values I use for 9.2;  the port may be different for 9.1:

hostname:  localhost

port:  (enter a port number or use the default port 8561)

userid:  your local userid;  needs to be valid for the host your metadata server is on

password:  your local password; needs to be valid for the host your metadata server is on

Authentication domain:  leave it blank or DefaultAuth

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Data integration local connection

As mentioned above, to connect to your local machine, you would need to have a metadata server running on your local machine.

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Re: Data integration local connection

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I have the same issue. Can you please share more information on how we can setup metadata server etc on a local PC

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Re: Data integration local connection

You need to install the SAS Metadata Server on your local machine using the SAS Setup utility (setup.exe in SAS depot). On a single machine it's quite straight forward and the installation wizard will guide you.

You need access to a SAS depot, an Order and (I believe) a Plan (one of the standard deployment plans should do). The metadata server is part of Foundation SAS so eventually you can even install without a plan using the "express" installation without a plan (a selection in the installation wizard).

You also need access to a license file which allows you to run such a server on your machine.

How this works and what's required can all be found here: Install Center

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Re: Data integration local connection

Data Integration (DI) on a personaI machine? Yes it is possible to install it, with the requirements:

- the needed license. The whole process of installing  the eip/baf platform.

- with all needed system-admin rights on that machine. It is needing some preparation in the user-access management and more. In managed environments this will normally closed.

- Doing all kind of configurations afterwards in the metadata

This is not the simple click on setup.and .. run approach as many expected it.

With Eminer there is a desktopversion having all docuements to dot this. It is very special area of usage.

DI is normally used to build the ETL process and part of a whole IT infrastructure and business processes having a lot of additional requirements and already prepared information (data/metadata).

So I do not understand the reason for the question.

Is it working for the office at an other location?

  A remote desktop connection approach is a better approach as you get all needed to continue your work.

Is it learning the DI tooling?

That is a difficult one, 

    SAS is not offering that is an "on demand service".

    I do not know of any other provider/service offering this as an "SAAS"/cloud approach.

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