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Data Loader Performance Tuning

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Data Loader Performance Tuning



I have a SAS DI job which takes a bunch of tables from Oracle, pushes down the join criteria before it hits a table loader which directs the dataset into SAS.


The join operation completes very quickly, according to the Stats tab in 1 second and returns 7,931 records but the table loader has been processing for nearly two hours.


Options on the table loader are as follows:

Load Style: Replace

Replace: Entire Table

New Rows: Append (Proc Append) 


Is there anyway I can work out why this transformation is taking so long? Is it possible to view the process in SAS management studio at all?

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Re: Data Loader Performance Tuning

Loading SAS tables is usually not a performance problem.
Looking sort at the transformation run statistics without be aware of the underlying syntax can be misleading. The default setting for SQL Join and many other transformation is create view. Hence your run time may be in Oracle...
Not sure what you refer to as SAS Management Studio. ASFAIK there is no product with that exact name.
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