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Data Flux Data Management Studio

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Data Flux Data Management Studio

i have install my data flux data management studio  and i have worked on it. then i want to migrate the all my work which i have done to new machine where the data flux data management studio installed.

How to migrate the all data job profile job and rule and schemes?

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Re: Data Flux Data Management Studio

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        *** very important: do not forget to keep baclup until everything is operational and all operational features ***

Hi ...

   there are some folders for DataFlux DMS by setting parameters:


      \repositories\   -- repository of information;

      macros.cfg -- definition of environment variables;



      \savedconn\  -- User / Password of ODBC connections previously saved;



       ManagementServersEntries.xml  -- xml with the definition of application servers (ip, portSmiley Wink is used;

** copy folder with the repository, which contains folders:

  •   batch_jobs
  •   data_services
  •   Shared Data
  •   foundations
  •    process_services

*** not forgetting the <project>.rps file;

if you are moving to a newer version, you may need to upgrade your project, confirm the operation.

so ...

   sorry for my poor english (google)

I hope this helps,

good luck, Smiley Wink

Ricardo Benatti

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