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DM Studio: Using a macro in an expression node

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DM Studio: Using a macro in an expression node

Hey everyone,


I'm trying to use a macro for a datasource name. I've defined it under Administration > Macro Files, and I can use it successfully with other nodes, such as a SQL Query node. In an Expression node, though, it doesn't work. I've tried the two ways the Expression Language Guide suggests:


1) DSN = %%dsn_name%%

2) DSN = "%%dsn_name%%"   // with quotes

2) DSN = getvar("dsn_name")


# 1 does not validate

# 2,3 validates, but results in the same error: "Data source name not found and no default driver specified..."


I'm using DM Studio 2.6.




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Re: DM Studio: Using a macro in an expression node

Your expression code will look something like this:


string macro1
macro1 = getvar("MyMacro")


where MyMacro was defined in a macros file. A few things to check:


  • Have you used a "saved connection" with your DSN? This will have an impact on how you refer to your DSN in your macro. Using saved connections will reduce the DSN to just a name where not using them will mean you likely need to include additional information in your macro to refer to the database. Look at the advanced property of a node with a database connection and notice the difference when you do and do not use a saved connection.
  • Is a schema involved? In some nodes they are represented by a different property. Your DSN macro in your expression code may only be part of what you need to connect when you build the connection string for the dbconnect object.



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Re: DM Studio: Using a macro in an expression node

Posted in reply to RonAgresta

Hi Ron,


Thanks so much!  I will try this out.


  - mark

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