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DI studio ERROR while running any job

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DI studio ERROR while running any job

I am getting this following error every time I try to run something on DI. I have no idea how did it end up like this.


ERROR: Retrieving login information based on AuthenticationDomain from the SAS Metadata Server failed.

ERROR: Remote signon canceled.


Can anybody help to solve this?

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Re: DI studio ERROR while running any job

My first step would be to taĺk to your SAS administrator.
The word remote puzzles a bit, sound like that there's SAS/CONNECT signon involved. We need to go know a lot of things of your configuration to be able to help you out.
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Re: DI studio ERROR while running any job


The only use case I'm aware of where out of the box DIS transformations generate SAS code in rsubmit blocks is the Loop transformation when chosing to execute in parallel.


If that is what causes your DIS jobs to fail then I'd suggest you unselect the "run in parallel" checkbox in this transformation as a first test. If this works then ask your SAS Admin to look into the SAS configuration so that you also can execute your inner jobs in parallel using SAS/Connect (rsubmit).

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