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DI - Studio Beginner

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DI - Studio Beginner


Di - Studio is something that i havent worked with much... But wanted to explore the possibilities it holds for ETL processing / connectivity to ODBC engines.. Could someone guide to some good Documents to read for a beginner.

Thanks ....

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DI - Studio Beginner

I usually start people off by directing them to the products pages off of, the same place you used to get to this communities page.  You can navigate to the products section and there is a link to the DI Studio page which has doc, pointer information, training examples, etc.  Here is the direct link:  .  There are training classes that you can attend, and an online user guide that you can browse through. 

In addition, there are many papers available from SAS User Forums that can be helpful that discuss DI Studio and contain lots of information around best practices, tips and tricks, etc.  You can access the papers from the same website,, click on Knowledge Base, Papers, and then select Conference Proceedings on the top RHS.  Here is the direct link:

Hope this helps!

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DI - Studio Beginner


I would suggest you to look into HELP contents for SAS DI, it is surprisingly very helpful and guides you

in a very diagramatic and simple approach of creation of Jobs & connection to ODBC and helps you

perform very basic operations. This according to be should be the best way to begin with SAS DI.



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