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DI Job

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DI Job

Have a requirement to create a job, read data and check, if condition1 execute job1 else if condition2 execute job2 etc.. till job15.. Job1 to Job15 are already created

could you please provide your suggestions in this

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DI Job

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Can you give an example of "condition" - how does the input table look like?

And the jobs1-15 are DI Studio created jobs, and are "totally" different?

Without knowing more, I think I might suggest a non DIS solution (or user written code) with some %include to call appropriate job.


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DI Job

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how are you executing your job code? This conditional execution of jobs would typically be handled in your scheduling software. Please send some more details, perhaps this is solvable in some other way.

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Re: DI Job

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If the conditions are on data then

1. Handle the conditions through a splitter.

2. Put a LOOP in front of each work (output) table and pass the parameter, specific to the job, to the LOOP.

3. Do the same for each condition and process job(s) in the LOOP.

4. terminate the LOOP with END LOOP transformation.

Use the ref:

Hope that helps.

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DI Job

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Hi Sunil,

You can create dependency jobs  in LSF scheduler.You can try that.



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