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DI Job Conditional Processing

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DI Job Conditional Processing

I have previously posted a question regarding reading the most recent of a series of datestamped SAS datasets and, thanks to the replies, have managed to get this working.

However, I now need to refine the job such that if the most recent dataset has already been processed then the job aborts without running any subsequent nodes in the flow. I've built in a control table that maintains a list of processed datasets and have a UWC transform to check if the most recent dataset exists in this control table.

If I write further code to utilise the %RCSET macro based on this check, then I can use a Return Code Checker to abort the process. However, unless I'm missing something, the abort process only appears in the dropdown list against an Error status. I don't really want to set the UWC transform status to an Error, because it isn't an actual error and the Successful condition, understandably, doesn't give me an Abort option. It does give me a custom option, however, which I believe can be pointed at further code.

Is there a straightforward way to do what I need using the return code checker? Or do I need to utilise the custom option and add code in either the pre or post code sections? Or do I need to handle everything in the UWC node?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions on the best way to tackle this problem.
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