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DB2 issue with formats

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DB2 issue with formats

HI All,


We have a DB2 library defined in metadata and a table has various columns defined with a CCSID format at the database side. The columns are registered in metadata with the format & informat of $HEX80. and we are able to convert these to proper text using the input function: C_ALTERNATE_N_A_LINE_1 = input(ALTERNATE_N_A_LINE_1,$EBCDIC40.); however, we wanted to do this at SMC level to prevent users having to write a coded workaround. Do you know if its possible to do this? We have tried various formats & informats but cannot get the data to display proper text without having to code the workaround.

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Re: DB2 issue with formats

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Hi Every one,


Any one got any idea on this issue


Appriciate your valuable inputs.




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