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DB2 Bulk table loader in sas di error

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DB2 Bulk table loader in sas di error

Hello DI Experts,


I am getting an error to load data by Db2 bulk table loader to Db2 tables.

If some body has experience on DB2 bulk loader table transformation.


Can you Please help me prerequisites using DB2 Bulk table loader.


error: [IBM] [CLI Driver] An error occured while utilities were being bound to the database. results for CLI load operation 0.

0 rows loaded,0 rows skipped,0 rows rejected.

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Re: DB2 Bulk table loader in sas di error

  1. Have you properly configured and verified the SAS/ACCESS to DB2 connection?
  2. Have this worked before?
  3. Can you manage to this outside DI Studio?
  4. Full code/log is required to see what's going on.
  5. What does your DB2 DBA have to say?
  6. Don't know if it's applicable to bulkloading, but try
  7. options msglevel=i sastrace=',,,d' sastraceloc=saslog nostsuffix;
    It might give you some more hints in the log.
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Re: DB2 Bulk table loader in sas di error

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Hi @Ritesh_dellvostro


This is definitely a client side configuration problem. Upgrading the DB2 server and failing to do the BIND step can cause a working connection to fail like this. DB2 client side configuration can be rather complicated. Here is a doc describing DB2 binding:


DB2 Connect - Binding Applications and Utilities


I used to be a DB2 DBA in a previous life and I think it is safe to say that getting your DB2 DBA to handle this issue is the way to go.


Best wishes,


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