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Creating Dashboards in SAS Dataflux

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Creating Dashboards in SAS Dataflux

Good morning,


i`m trying to monitor the data quality using Dataflux and i would like to show a velocimeter indicating the score of the DQ dimensions. The thing is that i haven't been able to find inside Dataflux an option to add a velocimeter to the Dashboard.


Can anyone help me with this issue?


Thanks a lot and best regards,



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Re: Creating Dashboards in SAS Dataflux

Hi Santi,


I'm not sure that this is what you need, but you can create dashboards based on business rules in DataFlux Web Studio. Here's a link to the Web Studio 2.5 User's Guide:


DataFlux Web Studio 2.5 User's Guide


The dashboards are covered in the Dashboard and Monitor Viewers chapter, starting on page 43.


Hope this helps,



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