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Create a date

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Create a date

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Hello SAS users

I have the attached kind of data:


I want to create a new variable, "date" which is a combination of the year and the number corresponding to the month (like this, 200810 to represent  Oct 2010)

please assist me.

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Re: Create a date

See my footnotes for how to post data. Excel files are mostly useless for this (unless your problem lies in importing them).

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Re: Create a date

A date variable always has the three components = day, month, year.  If you do not have one then you need to default one in.  You can use ISO dates, which are character:


For a numeric, you can have a default, then format it to display differently:

format want monyy7.;
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Re: Create a date

If your variable is date type ,just add a format.

format your-variable  yymmn6.;

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