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Copy Enterprise Miner Projects

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Copy Enterprise Miner Projects

I don't have access to the management tool, so I can't export another person's EM project to import it to my account. I would like to know if there is a workaround for doing this. I simply copied all the physical files over my folder, but I still can't see the project in my EM. I guess this has something to do with registering a project with the management tool or something like that.

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Re: Copy Enterprise Miner Projects

This thread should be moved to the Data Mining community, since I believe EM projects behave differently from corresponding DIS.

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Re: Copy Enterprise Miner Projects


Try this...for more information you can try this link

a. Open the project.

b. Open the diagram.

c. Select the end node for the analysis.

d. Select Create Model Package.

e. Save the SAS Package File to a common location.

On the other machine

a. Create a new project.

b. Open the SAS Package File.

c. Select Import Diagram.



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Re: Copy Enterprise Miner Projects

Thanks, Shiva.

I have the same problem and I'll try your solution.

With full access to the Management Console 9.2 there aren't other solution?

I can't find how to export a project and re-import under another user.

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