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Conditional Start & End

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Conditional Start & End

Hi there


I am using conditional start and end in a DI job.

I have attached the job info.


So the output of the node 1 is a date 15-FEB-2017


If this was the case I want a number of other nodes to run after, however if this is not the case the job should stop.


The start condition is etls_conditionWU18SU=today()-23


Any ideas why this is not working past the start eve though it meets the criteria?

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Re: Conditional Start & End



You'll need to put transformations (or a sub-flow) into your flow between steps 2 and 3. I think you have it set up properly, you're just not telling the job to do anything if the condition is true (it will do whatever is between the Conditional Start and Conditional End when true). 


To put something there, add it to the diagram and change it's processing order so that it is between Conditional Start and Conditional end. In your case, add a "task" to the job, then move it's processing order up until it's 3 (thereby making Conditional End 4). It should then process "task" once the condition is true.



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Re: Conditional Start & End

Thansk Steve


So this is what I have now, node 1 is my date of 15/Feb/2017

Conditional start is next etls_conditionWU18SU=today()-23

Next node 3, has where clause of BILLING_RUN_DT="&sysdate"d-23

The the conditional end occurs.


However node 3 is not populating on the output table




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Re: Conditional Start & End

If your SAS coding skills are sufficient then in my experience the fastest way to make DIS nodes behave as you want to, is to look into the generated code. Thsi gives me most of the time a hint where something is missing and then it's no more that hard to figure out which node I have to tweak via some parameters or options (and you can then always look into the generated code again to fully understand how changes on metadata level impact on the actually generated code).

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