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Changing observations to Variables

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Changing observations to Variables

Here is an example of my data set. 


ID - Date1- Date2- Date 3-..etc

1- 6-7-8-9

2- 7-8-9-10

3- 8-9-10-11


I need it to look like this:


1- Date1- 6

1- Date2- 7

1- Date3- 8

1- Date4-9

2... etc


Is it possible to do this in SAS? I have been looking at transposing the data but I am not sure that is the right thing to do?


Help please! This would save me a lot of time from having to do it manually.





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Re: Changing observations to Variables

proc transpose data=have out=want;
by id;
var date:;
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Re: Changing observations to Variables

SAS can do most anything, as long as your data is in a SAS data set.  Is it?

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