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Changing Table metadata of LASR server table

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Changing Table metadata of LASR server table

Hi, Can we alter a table Metadata of LASR In Memory Table? e.g. Say changing a length/type of the column Nikhil
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Re: Changing Table metadata of LASR server table

When you change the size of a variable/column, this impacts the structure of the whole file, record by record. So it always implies a rewrite of the whole table, either on disk (Base SAS) or in memory.

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Re: Changing Table metadata of LASR server table

In my case a XML column trows of the SQL Instance CDC script to create the mirror table and adds the column called unused_1.
Here are the steps that I did to get it to work.  Pega Training in Chennai

1. Create the table in the CDC Designer console as you usually would.
2. Copy the CDC instance deployment script (from the right of the screen)
3. Remove the table that is being dropped when data is added.
4. Copy the table creation and CDC section from the script, remove the unused_ column, and execute.
5. The mirror table is now created and CDC is activated on it.
6. Check that the table is in the CDC designer.   VMware Training in Chennai
7. Add data to the oracle table and see the changes being recorded.

Do more testing of data being moved.

I hope this helps! I took me quite a while to figure this work around out and I hope it will be fixed in future versions.   PHP Training in Chennai

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