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Changing DI Studio Work Folder

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Changing DI Studio Work Folder

DI Studio 4.9


I do not have Base SAS on my machine, but I do have DI Studio and Enterprise Guide.


DI Studio currently outputs work data to a file on 'C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Temp\SAS Temporary Files', but I would like to change that to a different drive on the same machine.


I'm not having any luck figuring this out as the documentation I've read refers to a SASFoundation path I don't have.


Any suggestions?





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Re: Changing DI Studio Work Folder


The location for WORK is set during SAS invocation and you can't change it anymore once SAS has started.


The WORK definition is on server level and applies to everyone connecting to this server. The definition is set in a SAS config file .cfg or via an environment variable. Only an Admin should be able to change .cfg file definitions.


The path you've posted is to my knowledge installation default. Often this default gets changed as part of install & config and the path gets pointed to the fastest disk(s) available but normally not to "C:\" where you've got your binaries installed.

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