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Business Rules Repository

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Business Rules Repository


We have setup a business rules repository on a network server.

We have a master job (A) that calls 1 process job (B) that has a reference node to another data job (C).

Job (C) has a monitoring node that is linked to a task in the business rules repository.

If we try to execute (C) from (B) it work fine.

If we try to execuite (C) from (A) we get the error message below:

"Execution State: STOPPING, Error message: Process Flow - Job terminated due to error in one or more nodes.

(DATAFLOW_10:0 - 5: c: Data flow - Embedded job: Monitor Repositiry - Job code not found in repository..)) "

Please can you help if this is something you have seen before.

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Re: Business Rules Repository

Hi Roddie,

When you say, "master job", what kind of a job is it? A process job? Another data job? And do both the master (A) and process (B) jobs use the reference node to invoke and run the data job (C)?


Mike F.

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