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Best Data Governance hub/portal for integrating DataFlux Web Studio components

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Best Data Governance hub/portal for integrating DataFlux Web Studio components


We are setting up data governance for a new data warehouse primarily using the DataFlux Web Studio components below which are new to our team:

  • Reference Data Manager - for some user maintained hierarchies, lookups and lists (potentially)
  • Business Data Network - for glossary of business terms (definitely)
  • SAS Lineage - for data audit trail from source (definitely)   

Our main challenge is how best to get these components to work together and integrate well.

Could we perhaps use SAS Data Management Console as a hub/portal for this? In SAS Global Forum 2013 paper 070-2013 What's New in SAS Data Management can see this used as a kind of dashboard/portal/hub

with links to Business Terms, Reference Data and Lineage as APPS in the right column of a dashboard screen. We do not see those options currently even with temporary administrator authority so seems not to be authority related.

How do we configure and set up the SAS Data Management Console to allow the links to these components to be available to us?

The available documentation seems to be very sparse on this area.

The current intention is to set up the platform for the data governance capability without access to the Data Integration Studio as the portal/hub for accessing these other components if at all possible.

As this suite of tools is all new to our team I would be very grateful for any tips and advice on what has worked well for other users with this suite of tools in this area.

Thank you in advance for any help received,


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Re: Best Data Governance hub/portal for integrating DataFlux Web Studio components


There have been some changes to the organization of those applications since the 2013 SGF paper. Can you share what software offering and release number that you are planning to use? In more recent versions of various data management related offerings, SAS Lineage and SAS Business Data Network have moved from DataFlux Web Studio to standalone applications running in the common SAS mid-tier environment. In more recent versions of the software, you can get to both using a URL:

Check out documentation for SAS Business Data Network (search for Add Links to The Data Management Console Home Page) to add links to these apps in DM Console. They are not available by default.


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