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Automating creating job metadata

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Automating creating job metadata

Hi All,


I have dozens of .sas programs and they are running pretty simple data transformations.

I know I can automate registering tables by using proc metalib however I would like to automate the registering of the program as a job in metadata too and hopefully capture the data lineage from source to target as well. I see DI studio has something to import .sas code and I think it runs PROC SCAPROC in the background and it captures everything as jobs and tables. I want that, but I want to be able to automate that. 


Is it possible?


BTW I'm using 9.4M4

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Re: Automating creating job metadata

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I don't have DI Studio at my finger tips, so I can't tell for sure, but it doesn't look that way when you look in the documentation.

It's somewhat logical, since imported SAS code usually needs some manual adjustments to look/work well from a DI Studio perspective.

So perhaps you need to hire a student who does the boring part of point and click...

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