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Auto register new data set

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Auto register new data set



Attempting to register new data set in a library in SAS Management Console (SMC).


Is there a way to SMC allows auto register of all new data sets in ODBS library as well as in Base library in SAS Management Console and delete the data sets which is no longer exit in physical libraries ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Auto register new data set

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Don't hink that is available OOTB. But I'm sure you could write some (macro) code and use PRC METALIB.

But I would be careful about deleting obejcts automatically. Especially if you have lineage to some extent (other objects that are reading those tables). And how can you be sure if an object is temporarily unavailable, or permanently deleted?

If you have this requirement, why do you need tables registered in metadata at all? You could just bypass the matdata layer and let user see whatever is available in the data stores.

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