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Auto increment option

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Auto increment option


is there any standard option in SAS DI Studio to create or assign auto increment numbers column in the target table.

I am merging two tables using Append Transformation and need After or In Append Trans.

Please guide me if there is any possibility.

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Re: Auto increment option

Well, depends on what you mean by "automatic", or "standard"...

There is no real good options/transformation to do this as simple as you describes, and in a efficient way. When this requirement emerge, I usually see three options:

  1. Challenge the requirement. What is the the requirement? Mostly, this is requirement from DBA:s who is not involved in DW design principles.
  2. See if this functionality can be obtained in the target database as a automatic constraint.
  3. Create you own transformation, that just does select max(increment_col) into: max_increment on the target table (an index is required to make this fast), and then just table scans your input and assign your increment with _n_ + max_increment.
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Re: Auto increment option

I think there is no direct / good option in DI Studio to do this like Load Time Column in Table Loader Transformation.
Just managed it with User Written Code Transformation.

Thanks for reply.

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