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Audit trail table updates after succesful job execution

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Audit trail table updates after succesful job execution

In my project, we're maintaing the audit trail table after every job execution to understand the job start time, end time, rows processed and so on. But still we've a requirement to add a new coloumn called 'Business Key' and it holds the business date after processing each file from UNIX enviornment.

This business date is from UNIX file name. eg.Resource_20140721.csv. Then my business date column should populate the value 20140721. We're maintaining only one audit table for all the job.

File is pulled to SAS DI via file reader transformation.

Can someone suggest me to display the business date value in my audit trail table for every successful execution?

Let me know if you required any further details.

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Re: Audit trail table updates after succesful job execution


If you do not receive a response to this question, you can engage your SAS account team and request assistance. If you do not know who your account team is, contact your SAS administrator and ask him or her who the account team is and how best to reach them.


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Re: Audit trail table updates after succesful job execution

Nice to see you doing a good job Mike... :<))    I have seen this question did not understand it well.  Than it got lost out of sight. 

Well I am trying to understand RamKumar's question.

- It is not about the APM tool the audit/performance tool (going into the eventmanager)

- It is not on the Audit trail dataset that con be configured  using a SAS datset.

It must be something with DI that is programmed within his project and that is named also an Audit table.    

They are program their self in that project  all changes that are occurring as part of it....
In that case processing the business-date is defined as the date of that CSV file naming.

The SAS base code approach would be getting that filemname/date in a SAS-macrovariable as global definition and reuse that where needed.

The question now is translated as:  is there a standard DI transformation having this functionality (getting the date out of the filename putting it into a sas-macro)

The answer is no, there is no standard transformation but you could solve this as:

- creating a user-transformation for this

- adding the code as some user-code to some chosen transformation

- let the platform admin give some standard on the businessdate (usermods-autoexec)      

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Re: Audit trail table updates after succesful job execution

Thanks for your support.

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