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Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

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Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

Hi all,

I have a dataset that looks like this: 



I need to get the information for each BUID into a single row. I know how to do this with arrays and do loops, but only when there's a fixed number of iterations, and I know what that number is. In this case, some BUIDs have more purchases than others for a given time period, and so the number of observations (and times the loop has the iterate) is variable.

Currently my code looks like this: 


data rfm162.fy13_p4_array2;


rename count=order_count_fy13_p4 RNCY=rncy_today;
label RNCY='rncy_today';


set rfm162.fy13_p4_array;
by curr_wg_buid booked_date;


format booked_date1-booked_date100 datetime20.;


array bd(100) booked_date1-booked_date100;
array money(100) dmd1-dmd100;
array mbtwn(100) mbtwn1-mbtwn100;


do i=1 to 100;

    if i>count then do;
    if i=count then do;
        if i>=2 then do;


dmd_average_fy13_p4=mean(of dmd1-dmd100);
dmd_total_fy13_p4=sum(of dmd1-dmd100);


mbtwn_average_fy13_p4=mean(of mbtwn1-mbtwn100);


drop dmd1-dmd100 mbtwn1-mbtwn100 dmd booked_date booked_date1-booked_date100 i m;
if last.curr_wg_buid;




This code works, but it's messy in the sense that I might be cutting off a couple of transactions for some customers who made more than 100 transactions. Additionally, when I'm looking at a shorter time period, I've got to either do freq to figure out what the new max number of observations is, or make a relatively arbitrary guess. How can I get the do loop to figure out how many iterations it should loop for me in order to match the maximum number of observations for each BUID? I've got a feeling it has something to do with the *, based on my research, but I haven't been able to get that to work. I get weird "variable outside of array" type messages.



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‎12-14-2015 12:19 PM
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Re: Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

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Re: Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

You'll have to scan your data to find the maximum since you do need to declare a length for the arrays. You can store it in a macro variable and use that to declare your array lengths.
I would say, that's a inefficient/bad way to store your data, especially if you have 100 transactions per customer.

array bd(&array_size) booked_date1-booked_date&array_size;
array money(&array_size) dmd1-dmd&array_size;
array mbtwn(&array_size) mbtwn1-mbtwn&array_size;
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Re: Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

Why not just use three transposes and merge the result back.  This is probably the simplest method as you don't need to know number of elements.  I posted about this in a very similar topic earlier:


Otherwise, you can get the number of elements by:

proc sql noprint;
  select max(element_number) 
  into  :max_elements
  from have;

data want;
  array a{&max_elements.} 8.;
  do i=1 to &max_elements.;

Why the need to transpose?  Is it just for for an output file, if not then remain with the normalised structure, its far easier to program with. 

‎12-14-2015 12:19 PM
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Re: Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

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Re: Array/Do Loop with Unknown Number of Iterations...?

This looks great, exactly what I need. Thank you!

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