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Apache NiFi & ESP

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Apache NiFi & ESP

Hi all

Sorry for the cross-posting (since I also added this to the IoT page). 


SAS and Hortonworks have integrated SAS ESP with Apache NiFi ( , and I wanted to see if this will lend itself well to a "auto-suggest" / recommendation type capability on a software application. 


Using some javascript/html services to capture an entered term, I can ingest this into an ESP window which then scores based on a model, but I don't want to write the result to some database / file. Rather, I want to direct it back to the same input form (much like the auto-complete features you see on a website)


Will the NiFi integration help in solving the last part of the problem - i.e. getting the results back ? Or, can we already accomplish this directly between the website and ESP?




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Re: Apache NiFi & ESP

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Hi @SundareshS


I'm cross-posting your Q/A on the IoT Community for ease of reference here:




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