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Accessing SPD Engine Data using Hive

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Accessing SPD Engine Data using Hive

With the release of SAS® 9.4 M3, you can access SAS Scalable Performance Data Engine (SPD Engine) data using Hive. SAS provides a custom Hive SerDe for reading SAS SPD Engine data stored on HDFS, enabling users to access the SPD Engine table from other applications.Read this blog posting for more information :


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Re: Accessing SPD Engine Data using Hive

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Great "how to" article Smiley Happy


What I miss is th "why".

I can see the obvious benfit to share SPDE data to non SAS users via Hive.

But what are the benifits compared to store the data directly into Hive?

I would love a matrix with different storage options and the relevant capailities/constraints.

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