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ABTs in Oracle

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ABTs in Oracle

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Hi guys!


I´m working on a client where some ABTs are huge, 5Tb for example. Those ABTs are not disponible for users yet, but, our fear is that when they start to access that tables, all the querys start to get too* slow, and even not running or returning error. 

My manager asked me if it is possible to move those abts that are in SAS environment to Oracle. 

Is it possible? Move the abts to Oracle and continue using the scoring tools that we have?


How can I create a hardware requirement based in the size of the ABTs, quantity of users that will access it simultaneously?


I would love hear your opinions! \o/


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Leonardo Galler

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Re: ABTs in Oracle

Technically, definitely possible. But what's the use case?

It won't automatically go faster in Oracle, given that you don't have a large Exadata installation or similar in your wardrobe...

Perhaps you set up a internal project to look at your requirements, analyze the current environment, and evaluate alternatives - perhaps with a proof of concept.

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Re: ABTs in Oracle

Thanks for your anwser LinusH!
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Re: ABTs in Oracle

You are absolutely correct to be concerned about your server slowing to a crawl, although without more information about number of users, typical queries, and server environment no predictions can be made.


Moving the data to a standard Oracle environment is likely to slow things down, if, as is frequently the case, many of your queries will result in full or close to full table scans.


I had some success with a similar environment, but I'd rather not get into discussing other products on this forum. If you'd like to discuss it further, contact me offline.




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Re: ABTs in Oracle

Thanks Tom, I will contact you! Best regards!
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