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ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

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ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

I don't know the ins and out of ABM so please bear with me.

In our workspace manager there is one workspace. It is pointing to or its name implies that it is pointing to our production mid-tier server.

Does it make sense to add  a workspace that points at our test mid-tier server?

No one here (including me) really knows much about ABM, I'm learning on the fly. It was installed and all its initial settings and programming were done by another contractor. All the users here just follow an instruction sheet written by the original contractor to do their work.

But we do have two environments, test and prod, both have all three default servers metadata, mid-tier (web) and compute. Should ABM have the option to use the test world or is this uncommon?

If I wanted to use a test server, I found this to set up the second workspace <>. If I do this, how do I copy to it everything that is currently on the other workspace?

This is SAS v9.2, ABM 7.1, Prof Man 2.2

The larger question is do I want or need a test environment for ABM? And Profitability Management?

Thanks in advance for being patient with me on what might seem a basic question.

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Re: ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

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Hi kcskaiser,

Welcome to the community! I cross-posted your question to the General Usage community to broaden it out to SAS users beyond this Data Management Community. You can find that thread here:



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Re: ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

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If you are asking you need a test environment aside the production one..   I only can see ABM to be used in professional environments, those that are subject on some kind of regulations assuming you are implementing a prudent I environment (Auditable traceable etc)  ISO 27k  Basel Solvency SOX as you like at the high levels including ITIL Cobit as IT governance aside data-governance.

The are requiring several environments for the following reasons:

- You must be able to life cycle management on the tools OS DBMS etc. As there fixes coming in that should be implemented and verified before going into production

  This is the infrastructural Life Cycle Management you should do on your systems as it is your responsibility.

- As you can make change to you ABM model and logical processing there could be a requirement to validate those first before applying into production.

  This the logical ABM environment Life Cycle Management you should do on your system as it is your responsability.

This is the business case question.

When your ABM process is not that important that it could be easily missed and dropped why is it implemented? 

ABM is an application on top of DI/BI server. In that the SAS metadata-server is the central administration.

The data/compute servers are belonging to that metadataserver

The midtier is belonging tot that metadataserver.  

These are all server based processed segregated by ports/machines as set by the BI/DI configuration (do not confuse with the installation)....

Aside a server side installation you are getting something on your desktop (C/S Client/Server in a multitier environment).

Your note: 41368 - Configuring SAS® Activity-Based Management release 7.1 client to allow connections to multip...  Is about supporting the same (desktop infrastructure) installation connecting to several different ABM servers. This problem is caused by using a browsers java midtier to connect. This is applicable to the ABM java clients as well as miner, with a local setup.

Eguide SMC etc are doing this an other way (connection profiles).

Yes it is normal to do that. But if you are only a couple of technical guys doing those switches you can choose to have them let that do manually.

Java clients are already virtualized and can be deployed as a copy only (zero-impact) way. It is a shame all of that of the deployment wizard has been around that.

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Re: ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

I don't completely understand your answer in its entirety but I do understand the "Yes it is normal to do that" part.

I'll study your response a bit more to better understand your point. But in the mean time will proceed on setting up a test environment for ABM.

Thank you.

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Re: ABM v7.1 Workspace Manager

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For the technical fixes. see SAS Hot Fix Downloads somebody at your organization should be able to organize that.

For the user/solution/application part of ABm see: SAS Cost and Profitability Management (formerly SAS Activity-Based Management) the password for those can be got by asking them at your official sas contacts (TS) as part of your license.

The evnorinments file (Windows desktop) you should cooperate with your desktop support guys on what is allowed.

As zero-copy deployment and manually adjusting some location references that may be the easiest way to do that.

Going into an expensive repacking process of the desktopclients or adding new complexity by maintaining a config file on a webserver (that is what is behind that) is not them most easiest thing.

I like KISS approaches.      

---->-- ja karman --<-----
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