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A library of generic and reusable “toolbox” User Transforms

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A library of generic and reusable “toolbox” User Transforms

Over the years, I’ve built up a few “utility” User Transforms that I’ve found useful, some of which have become fundamental parts of how I design and build ingest frameworks and jobs.


I’ve long mulled over the idea that there could be some merit in sharing these with the DIS user community, as well as seeing what else people have built.


For example, one I have used for years is a UT that generates a dataset of the details of files and directories for a specified path and filemask, optionally descending into sub-directories. Nothing earth shattering, but once you view this as a stock, “toolbox” node, a single standard approach, it has opened up a wide range of patterns that become the foundations for some extremely powerful constructs.


My point is that being able to draw on these toolbox UTs is a huge productivity boost, not just in job creation, but also in enabling approaches to solving problems.


I’m not aware of any sort of “GitHub for UTs”, unless I’ve missed something?

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