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A Tip for SAS Data Management on Viya

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A Tip for SAS Data Management on Viya

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Greetings Data Management folks,


We just had a *big* release of SAS Data Management on Viya.  I'm excited because it is has really helpful capabilities and benefits that to help occasional users become a bigger part of the analytical life cycle while providing amenities to our experts users, too.


I'd like to start this new release with a Tip for using our new Identification Analysis.  First...


What is Identification Analysis

Identification Analysis is an intelligent process that "peers" into the columns of your data set and identifies the type of data it finds.  Now, we're not talking about finding varchars, and integers, and so on.  We're talking about identifying the contents of a column as containing "phone numbers", "email addresses", or "postal addresses".   When done, Identification Analysis adds a special Tag to the column indicating the type of data found.


Data Management Tip

Did you know that you can enable Identification Analysis so that it evaluates your data automatically?  Here's how....


Step One:  Access your "Settings" in the upper right corner of any Viya product.





Step Two:  Under Data Studio -> Profile put a check mark into "Analyze column contents while running profile"




And from this point forward identification Analysis is run automatically when you run a Profile analysis against your data set.   If you'd like to pause the automatic running of Identification Analysis, just come back here and clear the check mark.


Hope that helps!





Daniel Paner

Principal Product Manager ● SAS Viya Data Management

Tel: +1 919 531 4741 ●

Worldwide Headquarters ● Cary, NC


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