2024 Customer Awards: NYS - Curious Thinker

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Company: NYS

Company background:

Contact: Sweety Nayak

Title: Analyst

Country: United States

Award Category: Curious Thinker

Tell us how you are inspired by the work you do?
My name is Ms. Sweety Nayak. I work for the State of New York. My right hand and two legs are having deformity. So, I use my left hand mainly to type and do my work. But never ever I felt that I am a disabled person. Innovative software's/tools like SAS makes my life easy. So BIG Thank you.

How has SAS played a part in your journey?
For Data Reporting and Analytics, we use SAS for doing the calculation and other Data manipulation. Life became so much easier when we started using SAS instead of writing Excel Formulae. Appreciate the efforts of the innovative Team.

What products do you use and how do you use them?
We are currently using SAS9.4 version. We use it to connect to different Data Sources data. Basically, data extraction ----> Data Calculation (Data Cleanup, Data Logic Calculation) ----> Tableau Reports. All in All, we use SAS Analytics.

What is your greatest lesson learned that you'd like to share with others?
The greatest lesson I learnt is "When Everything is DATA, discover what matters with SAS Data. " Like our lives is easier now, so can be yours by starting to use SAS Analytics. Go With the New Edge/Age Demand. Kudos to your team.