2024 Customer Awards: Istanbul Airport - Community Uplift Award

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Company: Istanbul Airport

Company background: iGA Istanbul Airport, the largest infrastructure project in the history of the republic, put its first phase into service on 29 October 2018 and has been welcoming passengers at full capacity since 6 April 2019. iGA Istanbul Airport, Türkiye's gateway to the world, continues its operations as a significant global hub, connecting the Asian, African, and European continents through Istanbul, which is the "meeting point" of different countries and cultures. In addition to the many awards it has received so far, iGA Istanbul Airport has been awarded "Best Airport of 2023", "Best Airport Shopping Experience in the World" and "Most Family Friendly Airport in the World" by Skytrax. It was also named "Best Airport over 40 Million Passengers in Europe”, “Most Enjoyable Airport in Europe” and " Cleanest Airport in Europe" by Airports Council International (ACI). The main goal of iGA is to make Istanbul Airport the world's leading aviation center. Covering an area of 76.5 million square meters, and only 35 kilometers from the city center, iGA Istanbul Airport is planned to be completed in four phases. Already providing service as part of the first phase with 5 operational runways, a terminal building with a capacity of 90 million passengers, and an Air Traffic Control Tower; iGA Istanbul Airport is expected to reach an annual passenger capacity of 200 million people once all phases are completed.

Contact: Simru Delen İpek

Title: Head of Digital Service Development and Marketing

Country: Türkiye

Award Category: Community Uplift Award

Tell how you've used SAS to have a positive impact on your community?

Istanbul Airport has leveraged SAS solutions to significantly enhance the passenger experience, thereby positively impacting the community that uses the airport. A notable application has been in the iGA Lounge, where events are communicated in real-time using beacon technology. This approach not only improves the passenger experience by providing timely and relevant information but also fosters a sense of community among travelers. By leveraging SAS's advanced analytics and communication capabilities, the airport has been able to create a more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable environment for its passengers, which in turn reflects positively on the broader community that the airport serves.

What SAS products are you using and how are you using them?

The airport utilizes several SAS products, including CI 360, ESP, and VIYA. These products are integrated with the airport's mobile applications to facilitate real-time communication with passengers, particularly regarding events in the iGA Lounge. SAS solutions are also instrumental in planning and executing communication strategies for Exclusive Club members. This club, intended for loyal users of iGA Pass Premium memberships since 2019, aims to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. SAS products are used for effective communication of events and conducting satisfaction surveys among club members. This strategic use of SAS's analytics and communication tools allows for personalized and targeted interaction with passengers, enhancing their overall experience.

What was your most surprising discovery about your work?

One of the most surprising discoveries in this initiative was the profound impact of real-time, personalized communication on passenger satisfaction and engagement. The integration of beacon technology for event communication in the iGA Lounge, and the targeted interaction with Exclusive Club members, revealed a significant increase in passenger engagement and satisfaction levels. This outcome highlighted the untapped potential of personalized communication in enhancing the passenger experience and building a loyal customer base. The ability of SAS products to analyze and leverage passenger data effectively was a key factor in these successful outcomes.

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It is an great example of how cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated with SAS products to enhance the overall passenger journey! Well done to all the project teams involved!