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sasMA creates tables on DB?

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sasMA creates tables on DB?


I've found some strange tables on DB. Their name is something like "T2140000119HGEF3WMW2VCMTQKZ" (like metadata tables) and each row represent a subject-id defined in SAS MA. It is possible that SAS during campaign execution creates temporary tables on DB (containing the subjectid selected in the select node) and if something goes wrong it can't delete them? 




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Re: sasMA creates tables on DB?

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That's correct. Whenever the result of one node is a dataset and it's joined to a select node, or at the end of a campaign when your exports are created, a temporary table is bulkloaded up to the database. If there is an error in the campaign, it's possible those temporary tables are not dropped properly.


A daily "drop anything in this schema older than 24 hours" script should be safe (unless you have campaigns that take more than 24 hours, in which case I expect you to post another question asking why your campaigns are running so long!). This assumes you are using a dedicated schema (see your business context properties) for your temporary tables. Otherwise you'll need a slightly more surgical approach ("drop anything named T% older than 24 hours").

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