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What Customer Intelligence papers do you want for SAS Global Forum 2017?

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What Customer Intelligence papers do you want for SAS Global Forum 2017?

We're already planning for SAS Global Forum 2017. What Customer Intelligence paper topics would you like us to pursue? Comment here and I'll pass along your wishes.


Here are the 2016 topics:


Real-time, integrated marketing solutions are a necessity for maintaining your competitive advantage. This presentation provides a brief overview of three SAS products (SAS®... View More50 Minutes BreakoutDmitriy Alergant
Marje Fecht
11940 - The Journey Towards an Omnichannel RealityOmnichannel, and the omniscient customer experience, is most commonly used as a buzzword to describe the seamless customer experience in a traditional multi-channel marketing... View More20 Minutes BreakoutJørn Tronstad
4680 - Becoming a Unicorn, a Leprechaun, or a Good Marketing Analyst: Fairy Tales Really Can Come Tr...When you were a kid, did you dress up as a unicorn for Halloween? Did you ever imagine you were a fairy living at the bottom of your garden? Maybe your dreams can come true!... View More50 Minutes BreakoutEmma Warrillow
Combining Cisco's leading in-store and data center infrastructure data with SAS Customer Intelligence delivers game-changing insight for retailers. See how this integration... View More20 Minutes BreakoutAnn Alexander
SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 is the new cloud-based customer data gathering application that uses the Amazon Web Services Cloud as a hosting platform. Learn how you can... View More20 Minutes BreakoutJim Adams
SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 enables marketers to create activity maps to delight customers with a consistent experience on digital channels such as web, mobile, and email.... View More50 Minutes BreakoutMark Brown
This presentation describes the new SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 solution for multi-armed bandit analysis of controlled experiments. Multi-armed bandit analysis has been in... View More20 Minutes BreakoutThomas Lehman
SAS® Event Stream Processing is designed to analyze and process large volumes of streaming data in motion. SAS Event Stream Processing provides a browser-based user interface... View More20 Minutes BreakoutLei Xiao


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Re: What Customer Intelligence papers do you want for SAS Global Forum 2017?

Creating optimized MA diagram for MO


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Re: What Customer Intelligence papers do you want for SAS Global Forum 2017?

I'll put this on our list, @GoExplore. Meanwhile, I'll see if we have anything useful along those lines in existing doc.

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Re: What Customer Intelligence papers do you want for SAS Global Forum 2017?

without waiting for an SGF paper, the following outlines the basic steps / considerations for Optimization of MA Campaigns by MO:


  1. Create standard MA Campaign(s) with Marketing Cells and Communications. 
    1. All the Marketing Cells must be at the same subject type/level. 
    2. All the Communications must be Ready.  So basically, can’t do 2nd communication based on Response node from 1st Communication.  But follow-up communications can be achieved via different approach.
  2. Create a Campaign Group, and Add campaigns from 1 as members.  All Campaigns must be at same subject level.
    1. Select the Optimization Method.  Analytical or Prioriity Based.  For Analytical, need to assign 1 or more scores for each Marketing Cell/Communication.  This assignment can either be done in individual campaigns or in Campaign Group.  (note the Business Context defines the Score Columns available for assignment of Scores within Campaign Group/Campaigns.
    2. Constraints such as Budget, Inclusions, Contact rules can be specified in Group or Campaigns.  (In general, I’d recommend doing it in the campaign group)
    3. For Analytical Optimization Types, In Optimization Group Data section, Generate Optimization Data.  This will create the MO input tables for all the campaigns/Communications in the Campaign group.
    4. Below is only available for Analytical Optimizaiton.  Priority Based optimizations have everything specified in the Campaign Gorup, including the Priority of each Marketing Cell.
  3. Once the Optimization Data is generated, an Optimization Scenario can be created.  This can be done from within the Campaign Group or from CI Studio/Scenarios.
  4. The Scenario will be prepopulated with constraints specified in the Campaigns/Group.  Additional constraints can be added and additional scenarios can be created and compared.  The Scenario will need to have an Optimization Objective specified
  5. Once the Scenarios have been compared, one Scenario is marked as Preferred Scenario.  At this point the campaign Group can be executed.  Standard Scheduling options are available.

Hope this helps.  If there is a specific business case or objective you’re trying to achieve, post details back to the CI Community

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