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We need recieve add-hoc WSDL on decision (or rather event) from RTDM run-time repository. But not from SAS Management Console as generic WSDL...Best way it will be through query in http:


Is there some experiences with this theme or advice?





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Re: WSDL from RTDM

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Hi Jan,  Yes, we have some expertise on that.

If I am reading you correctly, you are asking two separate questions:

  1. The need to get the wsdl using an HTTP request, rather than through a SAS Management Console

  2. The need for the "Decision (Event) WSDL"  versus what you call "generic WSDL" that you currently have


It is easier to answer question #1. As far as we are aware, there is no HTTP API in RTDM to get event-specific WSDLs. You can only export one as a file using SAS Management Console.    If the application you are integrating with SAS RTDM requires http-accessible wsdl file, your only option is to put this file manually under some web server, like a static content file - like a SAS Web Server, or a standalone Apache instance. I don't see any reason not using the SAS Web Server though.


As for the question #2, if you even asked it, more details are needed - how exactly isn't the existing WSDL suit your needs (the one you get from SAS MC), and what would you want instead.


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Re: WSDL from RTDM

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RTDM's WSDL is a very interesting (and in my opinion, incredibly clever) structure, in that it allows a single actual WSDL structure to be sufficient for ANY event. The "tailored" version that SMC spits out for each event is nothing more than a version of that generic Event WSDL with a pre-filled set of the (technically) optional types based on your event's # of variables.


If you're happy to put the right set of allowed types together programmatically (which from my experience writing RTDM clients is pretty much how you do it anyway), then you can simply reference the "base" WSDL provided by the SASDecisionServices engine web app server at: http://your.midtier.comSmiley Tongueort/RTDM/EventService.wsdl


Hope that helps!

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