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SAS MA Schedule question

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SAS MA Schedule question

Hi All,

I got a question regarding to the schedule of campaigns.

Recently, I tried to do the following arragements for three campaigns(all daily):

campaign A: it runs 0-23:25

campaign B: it runs  0-20:30 and it depends on whether A finishes or not.

campaign C: it runs 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20, and 22 and it depends on whether A finishes or not.


Result: A and C are good. B seems to be irregular. At the beginning of every day, aroung 0, B runs twice the campaign. For the rest of the schedule of B, they are good


Can someone help me to answer this question?


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Re: SAS MA Schedule question

Which scheduler are you using: OS Scheduler (AT) or Platform Suite for SAS (LSF)?
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Re: SAS MA Schedule question

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Hi, Sorry to answer your question so late. How should I know which scheduler I used? I suppose you are talking about something like the operating system service and the platform process manager. If so, I always use the platform process manager to run the campaign. Thanks

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