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SAS HADOOP procedure: Managing data in Hadoop is the first order

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SAS HADOOP procedure: Managing data in Hadoop is the first order

We have SAS RTDM Server (9.4)here with a Sieble Interface but the handshaking between the two using XML is onerous in that when we want to exchange information, the XML needs far more detail (going into SAS) than necessary.  This is not the case with other vendors out there.  Does anyone have the same issue or is the way to make this much more generic and flexible?



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Re: SAS HADOOP procedure: Managing data in Hadoop is the first order

Resham - 


Would you mind elaborating a little bit? I'll put them in a bullet list so hopefully you can respond inline via the quote feature:


  • The topic title seems to indicate a Hadoop question, but your post is talking about RTDM. I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking some connection between the two so I can help get you a solid answer. (I'm betting it's an accidental cross-over between two topics you were working on!)
  • When you talk about exchanging information, are you talking about the event being called in RTDM by Siebel, or are you referencing a web process in RTDM that calls out ot Siebel for information? If you're talking aobut the inbound call to RTDM, it operates as a web service, with the two industry standard options: SOAP (using XML) or REST (using JSON).
  • In order to help me understand your comment about the XML needing far more detail than necessary, do you have any specifics you're able to provide here? Generally speaking, RTDM doesn't "require" anything - the inputs you send RTDM on the inbound event are up to you, and normally represent whatever is necessary to identify the customer plus any contextual, real-time data not available anywhere else. (Of course if Siebel already has a lot of data available, you can get better performance by sending it in on the event rather than running a duplicate query...)

Hopefully my questions are clear, and there's a chance I have some answers to your concerns in my initial attempts above, but if I'm misunderstanding something, I'm happy to try again Smiley Happy

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