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The 19.10 release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes three new email reports. These reports deliver more metrics, an updated design, and additional options that you can use to filter and refine report results. While all reports show the actual performance for your email campaign, the Success Metrics report also displays forecasts results.


The following reports are available:


  • The Success Metrics report shows how the recipients who opened your email messages engaged with the content in the messages.
  • The Exception Metrics report provides details about your email messages that bounced or were reported as spam, as well as the recipients who clicked the unsubscribe link.
  • The Metrics by Occurrence report shows the counts of success and exception metrics. 

You can view and analyze performance results for your email tasks during or after the email campaign.


To view the report for an individual email task, click Reports on the Insights tab for the task and select the reports using the drop-down list.


To view the summarized results for all email tasks, go to Insights on the left navigation menu and click on the report name. In each report, you can select multiple email tasks to view the summarized results for a specific group of tasks.


This feature is available in SAS 360 Engage: Email.

Calcite | Level 5

can we display these reports in VA?

Calcite | Level 5
can we display these reports in VA ?
SAS Employee
These reports are embedded into the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 User Interface and are based on specifically transformed data. Unfortunately they are not available to be imported into an on-premises VA environment
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