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Migration from SAS EG to SAS MA

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Migration from SAS EG to SAS MA

Hi Team,


My client is planning to migrate from SAS EG to SAS Marketing Automation tool.

Is there any guide/reference on how to implement this ?


Thanks in advance.

Rajesh A

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Re: Migration from SAS EG to SAS MA

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Rajesh -


The good news is that you have a good picture of what you're building towards - like having the lid to your jigsaw puzzle box Smiley Happy


There aren't any specific tools or content I'm aware of. I would expect it's mostly a matter of:


  • Making sure they have a sufficient data source. If they're writing the code in EG, there's a good chance they're doing ETL for each campaign that would make more sense as part of preparing a proper marketing data mart. Since you have the code, you should be able to identify the data items necessary for the campaign business logic and the subject levels (customer, household, etc.) that need to be defined in your information map.
  • Translate the output into export definitions. If their output files have columns from the child side of parent-child relationships, make note of how they figure out the correct values so you can mimic that with techniques like "refine output." You might also identify things that should be set up as custom details at the campaign or communication level for inclusion in the output (stuff used in queries or data steps assigning literal values, e.g.).
  • Implement the actual business logic. Once you've separated out the data prep work and the code that's responsible for the output files, most of what remains is probably what you need to have the campaign diagram doing. Be careful of calculated items that won't pass to the database or any "tricky" code - you might need a process node for any IP they've built into their logic that can't be reproduced in the existing nodes CI Studio offers, but be wary of creating a solution that leverages this approach too much or they'll run into the same issues that caused them to want to migrate away from using EG in the first place (maintenance, supportability, etc. - or at least those are common reasons for this kind of project).

Best of luck!


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