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How we recalibrated our marketing

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How we recalibrated our marketing

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How many of you have perfected personalized marketing? If so, move along. This post isn’t for you.


Got room to improve? Then benefit from our experience by getting a copy of Adele Sweetwood’s new book, “The Analytical Marketer: How to Transform Your Marketing Organization.”  AnalyticalMarketer.png


Adele_Sweetwood.jpgSweetwood, SAS Senior VP of Global Marketing and Shared Services, chronicles a six-year quest. The goal: discover the best mix of messages and channels and align them with increasingly refined customer segments.


Read about the data “wrangling and corralling” that this entailed as her team started with data cleansing, bucketed data across tables, databases and applications, and then matched data from multiple sources with specific customers. 


In this Harvard Business Review blog post, How One Company Used Data to Rethink the Customer Journey, Sweetwood shares how – before we achieved a more unified view of customers – we fumbled a major retailer’s request for information on customer intelligence software. For a month, we sent multiple emails – none of them about CI solutions. Guess how that turned out?


If you’ve used SAS for six years or more, have you noticed a change in how we market? Tell us in the comments.

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