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How to view and kill an executing SAS CI Campaign

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How to view and kill an executing SAS CI Campaign

Hey There,


I would like to know how to view and kill an executing SAS CI Campaign...

And also how to view the current executing CI Campaigns by other members in the group as well....

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to view and kill an executing SAS CI Campaign

Hello @sharadnc,


to view the status of the execution of a campaign, you should be able to see it from your interface on interactive executions, and for batch campaigns, you would need to access the job scheduler, by default it would be Flow Manager (LSF - Platform Process Manager). Although perhaps only an administrator can access this tool.


Short answer is that you can stop it from the Flow Manager. But careful: To stop a campaign it is a different story. Not easy normally, and it can be as dangerous to the point that it might corrupt completely your campaign ina point that only specialized scripts can bring it back, capable to run again (matable un-synch-ed). 

The main reason is that the campaing actually runs on different components, often at the same time: metadata, sas code, the CI common data model (database) the WIP database.

If you stop one of the nodes in a campaign, the others might continue executing sometimes. And in just one node, if a piece of code needs to update anything on the database, that process that left the SAS server will continue executing.


My best suggestion for you, if you still want/need to stop a campaign, try to get a proper training or explanation by an experienced SAS Consultant. And if you need to stop a campaign, leave that task to the person who got this training, generally IT or a SAS Administrator.


All in all, I would recommend you to read the SAS Marketing Automation: Administration Guide for your CI version.

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