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How to execute a campaign in future date

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How to execute a campaign in future date

Hi Team,


I would like to execute my campaign in future date in different dates


For an example:- let us say campaign created on 6/Oct/2017  and validated,released and executed, i want the campaign to send mails on 10/Oct/2017 and 12/Oct/2017


I think i need to add date in diagram , but some where i missing , request you people to help me out 

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Re: How to execute a campaign in future date

I think you have to use Calendar Editor (outside of CIS) as well as SAS Management Console's Schedule Manager. You create the schedule in the Editor first and then apply it to the campaign in the Schedule Manager. It's been some time since I looked into this (v 5.4). I think you have to schedule your campaign with CIS first to get it to show in Schedule Manager. I forget if that is where the option "Send Schedule to Administrator" option is used instead of the sending it to the software. I remember that when you make changes to the schedule you still have to go back to the Schedule Manager to update or re-attach the calendar to it.
If you have access to these components that is the only way I know of to use arbitrary dates with out of the box functionality. I hope that helps.
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