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Free marketing skills e-book available from SAS

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Free marketing skills e-book available from SAS

Want to explore the different kinds of marketing jobs analytics has made possible? Maybe fine-tune or expand your own skill set? Your Free e-book from SAS.jpgGuide to Becoming a Modern Marketer describes nine skills that will take your analytical know-how to the next level.


It's a fascinating short read and is adapted from The Analytical Marketer, a book by Adele Sweetwood, SAS' Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Shared Services.


I like Adele's candor. She provides a window into the process we went through as we reinvented our marketing. I also like that e-book features three people I work with here at SAS -- Shawn Skillman, Scott Sellers and Julie Chalk.


Are there other jobs that the e-book doesn't mention? Share in the comments below.

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