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Combine default CI export fields

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Combine default CI export fields



I need to combine 2 export fields in CI export definition:



I have tried to do this as Calculated item, however, I can only see our own created data items, but not thhe ones that comes with CI installation. Has someone made such thing? Of course I can proccess exported file and concatenate exported values, however, file is exported in XML format, so this makes some troubles, so I am trying to find if I am able make such combination directly in CI studio.

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Re: Combine default CI export fields

I don't think it's possible, unfortunately.


If you are to process the output file, you may be better off exporting a SAS Dataset first, and only convert it to XML in your post-processing code after you have modified the data like you needed to do.   



Hint: under-the-hood (inside built-in sas ma export scripts), they use "libname ... xmlv2" to assign an XML-backed library and simply "copy" a table there.  Doesn't seem too bad, actually.


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Re: Combine default CI export fields

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Not by a calculated item immediately.


In the communication node you could export to a table that would need to be available in the information map. The table could be as simple as Subject_ID, Tracking Code, Treatment Tracking Code. You could then add a calculated concatenated item of those two fields. The Communication node can be thought of as a "checkpoint". Once the Communication node has executed the data will be in that table for use in subsequent export node. You would then use an export node afterwards that would produce your XML file with the concatenated field. You may also need a Cell between the Communication node and the Export node.


Note: If your XML export uses other fields from the communication node that you don't see available in calculated items (ex: package code) you may need to use a Cell -> Select (contact history campaign code and possibly occurrence no if recurring) -> Export (with Refine set to results of Select node). We have to do this in our campaigns. However, if you're building the export above you could throw in more fields than the two mentioned for concatenating and avoid this set of extra steps. ex: If you were using Package Code in the export add Package Code to the Communication Nodes export and make it exposed as well in the infomap.


Hope that helps!


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